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Rekindle the spirit of life through Authentic AYURVEDA

Health is Wealth and other clichés have never rung truer than they do in today’s smartphone wielding,click-to-pay new age.

Our pace of life is faster than has ever been in the history of humanity, or at least in the span of recorded history of 5000 years.

This is how old the healing practice of Ayurveda is.

VEDIC TREAT – Our Journey so far
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“Dr. Sanjeev Naik is an amazing doctor who treats you not just for your physical ailments, but also other aspects like emotional well being. He emphasizes on healthy and stress free lifestyle through yoga and meditation. I would recommend Vedic Treat to anyone looking for a genuine place for their overall well being.”

Jeshma HK

I have been going to Vedic Treat for the past 3 years. I was struck by how accurate Dr Sanjeev Naik’s diagnoses were and how effective the manner of treatment proved to be as well. Many of the medicines are made by Dr. Naik himself.

He is a qualified Ayurvaid and is equally aware of allopathic practices. He is also excellent at PLR therapy and energy healing. I consult him regularly and would recommend him to all without a moment’s hesitation.

Vasundhara v


Free medicine for Asthama
Date: 22nd December 2018
Time: 2pm to 6pm

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