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Have you ever wondered how sadhus in the Himalayas live hundreds of years in high altitude and with minimal food and resources?

Have you ever thought ancient Indians lived long, healthy and fit?

Have you ever realized that our own ancestors enjoyed such a wonderful life without much of the modern medical access we enjoy today?


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Do you realise younger generations are suffering from old-age medical issues? Have you ever realised that advance medical facilities and scientific innovation didn't improve the quality of life for humans? Have you observed younger generations are having heart attacks?


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Have you observe how people aren't just suffering physically, but mentally and emotionally too? People are going through a lot of mental and emotional turmoil..It's an endless journey of consuming pill after pill Lifestyle disorders are destroying human's over all wellbeing..

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I am Dr Sanjeev Naik 

Ayurveda physician, Food and life style trainer,healer, A mountain monk, spiritual seeker and wanderer. Spent 20 + years of my life with Great scholars, Masters, Gurus, Himalayan sadhus and Sanyasis. The continuous learning of these ancient wisdom from ancient Tantra,Veda, Yoga and other occult practices under the guidance of Great Gurus helped me to treat thousands of patients, heal chronic conditions, reverse most of the irreversible diseases. And now I am with you to make sure you, yes you learn this, practice this and start your beautiful journey towards elevated life. A disease freelife! You must be knowing that medical treatments are so expensive nowadays. You need to have expensive Insurance coverage to take care of you and your family. Sometimes you may end up living a debt laden life if your health doesn't support you. You must be spending thousands of RS in buying super foods, exotic fruits and vegetables and supplements. You must have purchased subscription of many health apps or diet programs thinking that you will have great life. You might be one of many who is struggling to lose weight or achieve absolute health. I am asking very small amount from you to achieve lifetime health. Just pay me 99999 INR and I will unleash the secret to achieve absolute health which in return will create huge wealth.


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This course is designed to make you learn techniques over electronic media (online) once a week and results can be expected when you follow instructions from the instructor properly. This course is designed for all age groups. This course module is live only and recordings will not be available on any platform. This course will be in English language only . Instructor can understand Hindi and other South Indian languages. Instructor has the right to accept or reject your application.


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