Varuni’s leg issues started during her second pregnancy, eventually, the pain became unbearable. She came to us for a consultation, unfortunately, it was varicose veins. But why did Varuni develop varicose veins during her pregnancy? And who knew you could get varicose veins during pregnancy. But it is possible.

Varicose Veins Are an Early Pregnancy Symptom
Varicose veins in early pregnancy are not always visible but they sure can cause symptoms. A number of changes that occur early in pregnancy that causes these symptoms, including:
• increased blood volume
• poor/slow circulation
• weight gain
• hormonal changes in pregnancy

All of the above occur during pregnancy, even in early pregnancy. With sudden and dramatic hormonal changes, there is an increase in blood volume and the blood flow slows dramatically in preparation for the new life and safe delivery. While this is essential for the safety of mom during delivery, as it prevents excessive bleeding during childbirth, it can lead to spider veins, varicose veins, and even blood clots.

Before Treatment: Legs hurt with visible varicose veins

Pregnancy is already a difficult process, wrought with stress, exhausting, and discomfort. For Varuni, this was intensified by leg pain.
If you have ever lived with pain that prevented you from playing with your children, you’ll understand the emotional distress this can place on mothers as well. It’s not just about physical pain.

After going through specific Ayurvedic treatment and consuming Ayurvedic formulations. She was ready to deliver and be a mom. She’s completely happy with our service and we are so glad we could help her recover.

By seeking help and support from experts, like our team VEDIC TREAT, you can look better and feel better, getting back to focusing on the important work of caring for and raising your children.



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