Dr. Sanjeev Naik

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Dr. Sanjeev Naik
Sanjeev Naik is a man of great tenure who has mastered Ayurveda. He is a visionary who has dedicated himself to the elevation of the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of all people. His life, his work, his practices serve as reminders that the inner science of life is not esoteric philosophy from an outdated past, but absolutely relevant and applicable to our lives today.

He established “VEDIC TREAT” in the year 2002 and since then he has opened two therapy centers and multiple Vedic retail outlets started therapist training facility and he manufactures medicines in his own facility for maintaining the authenticity.

He believes Ayurveda is not just medicine but it’s a beautiful lifestyle once you indoctrinate in your life. He doesn’t believe in prescribing medicines to every problem, he treats the mind and inner self of person as a whole entity, and works on the basis that the mind and body affect each other, and together can overcome the disease with ethical practice and authenticity and providing medicine only if it’s obligatory.

Dr. Sanjeev Naik is an expert in Nadi pariksha, panchakarma and follows Kerala traditions. He is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist and food & lifestyle trainer incorporating Ayurvedic properties of Indian herbs and spices in everyday cooking and it is worth every penny because of his unique diagnosis.

He is well traveled across India and spent years in researching for the finest quality products in medicines and therapeutic applications. He is well recognized for his practice not only in India but all over the world. Few leading TV channels have showcased Dr. Naik’s concepts on Food and lifestyle.

Dr. Naik is
• Certified international Yoga trainer
• Certified Anti-gravity yoga trainer
• Certified Trainer- Tibetian singing bowl healing
• Certified Animal communicator
• Certified Trainer- past life regression therapy and clinical hypnotherapy
• Certified in MARMA-CHIKITSA

Dr. Naik expanded his role from the doctor to the educator as well. He has molded the lives of countless young adults by guiding them in the right direction. He has also trained people in Ayurvedic therapy, treated over thousands of patients with Ayurvedic medication by his own team, reversed the course of chronic diseases and prevented invasive surgery for many, cured psychological, psychosomatic and idiopathic ailments in addition to physiological problems, consistently practiced alternative forms of energy healing in tandem with Ayurveda. Not to forget, he is an adventure enthusiast who loves to go on treks, hikes and travels to Mount Kailash every year as a tradition which he has been following through the years. Although his achievements are many, he is constantly striving to provide ailment specific treatment.

He believes, life’s too short to worry, make every moment count and he continues to live by that. His eventual goal is to make Ayurveda accessible and affordable to everybody and to open learning centers, to provide children with schools in the most remote villages and to start organic farming to re-establish ecological balance. He wants people to connect with nature for those who are embedded in the modern western worldview.

He was born hard up in Honnavar, Uttara Kannada district but that did not sojourn him to work hard for years and pursue Ayurveda in Mysore to accomplish his ultimate goal which is to help the people. Born into a family of mystic healers in the coastal region of Karnataka, exposed to ancient therapeutic practices from a young age. He also gained knowledge of herbs and medicinal plant-based preparations from his upbringing in the rich habitat of the Western Ghats.


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